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Flooded Basement Aloha, OR

Flooded basement problems can lead to structural damage and wide scale issues for your home if they are not properly mitigated which is why 911 Restoration Portland and our flooded basement Aloha company has all the certifications and training to make us the most efficient water removal experts in the industry. Your basement is a major structural component of the home and when you have a water heater leak or a pipe burst, the concrete can absorb the water in no time and cause expansion and warping. When our flooded basement Aloha specialists perform our water damage restoration services we do so with a passion for keeping everyone in our special community safe. Located roughly 10 miles from Portland this unincorporated area harkens to small town America and when we perform our water extractions we do so with passion allowing our work to reflect the quality that locals deserve. If a rain storm blows through or you have a plumbing disaster that floods your basement give 911 Restoration Portland a call and after we restore the space we will teach you how to prevent your basement from flooding a second time!


How can I Prevent my Basement from Flooding?

You can prevent your basement from flooding by undertaking some maintenance steps, and our flooded basement Aloha experts suggest starting with these:

  • Clean your gutters and downspouts
  • Inspect roof for missing or broken shingles
  • Invest in sump pumps
  • Inspect pipes for leaks, rust or bulging
  • Inspect water heater, appliance hoses and fire sprinklers


If your gutters and downspouts are clogged with debris water can pool on the roof and run down the side of the home into the foundation and basement walls. If you have some sump pumps in your lower levels these can help limit and even remove any flood water that may enter. You will also want to inspect your plumbing otherwise if there is a pipe burst your insurance company could deny your claim due to negligence. Call our flooded basement Aloha experts today and when we arrive we will give you a cost on flooded basement restoration that you will love!


Is Flooded Basement Restoration Expensive?

When you rely on our flooded basement Aloha company you will benefit from a low cost on flooded basement restoration. Many of the services are covered by insurance, as long as they are not caused by neglect or flooding, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Basement, crawl space, and other underground areas of your home may have limited coverage with your insurance. You will have to check your individual insurance plan to know for what services you are covered. Our flooded basement Aloha team offers an affordable price, so even if you insurance does not cover the problem we can help so call us today for the best flooded basement restoration company!


What is the Best Flooded Basement Restoration Company?

911 Restoration is the best flooded basement restoration company because we offer comprehensive water mitigation services alongside excellent customer service. We also work very closely with Washington County and all the unincorporated communities that reside in it, like Aloha. We can help you regardless of the cause of the water damage, whether it is caused by plumbing issues such as a pipe burst, water heater leak, toilet overflow, ruptured hoses, or inclement weather. We will work on every room of the house and can remove every last drop of moisture from your carpets using the latest drying technology. We will remove all categories of standing water, including grey water. Our restoration services include repairing leaks, mold mitigation, and restoring wooden floors and cabinets. We value professionalism and always put the customer first. We will provide you with the best overall water damage restoration company, so call us as soon as you experience a flooded basement and we will treat you like family!

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