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Flooded Basement Portland

Flooded basement problems account for a large number of emergency water removal calls that 911 Restoration Portland receives which is why our flooded basement Portland department is available 24/7 ready to offer fast same day service so we can quickly begin pumping water our before your home’s foundation is compromised. With Portland’s trademark wet weather and the city’s location at the confluence of the Columbia and Willamette rivers, home and business owners all too often find themselves needing expert water damage restoration services to get their property restored to a new condition. Whether rain storms cause your basement walls to leak, plumbing disasters flood the space or ruptured hoses fill your basement with half a foot of gray water, call our flooded basement Portland company and we will be there ready to perform water extractions and teach you how to prevent your basement from flooding a second time.

How can I Prevent my Basement from Flooding?

According to our flooded basement Portland crew the best way to prevent your basement from flooding is to inspect a number of common things that contribute to this common disaster. The most recognizable situation for flooded houses results from water intrusion in the home from storms and floods that cause water to accumulate and overwhelm basement sump pumps. Gutters and downspouts can cause flooded basements in the event of heavy rain and improper drainage. Plumbing issues can also create a flood due to water line leaks and sewage line problems. In these cases, toilet overflow can lead to raw sewage backing up into basements. Other causes for flooded basements can include a washer burst and faulty fire sprinkler systems. Whatever the situation, our flooded basement Portland professionals will get there in a flash; we respond within 45 minutes of every call and will perform water removal services at a cost you can afford!

What do Water Removal Services Cost?

When you call our flooded basement Portland team for water removal services and basement repairs, you will pay a low cost. Of course no two flooded basement disasters are alike but 911 Restoration has a few tricks up our sleeves that allow us to offer an affordable price no matter what. For example, working with all insurance companies allows our flooded basement Portland team to file claims on behalf of our customers and fight to get every cent covered. We also perform a free inspection and offer a quote before we begin water clean up tactics to remove the smoke and mirrors other companies throw up to mist the way for hidden charges to emerge. We value professionalism so when we give you a quote it will be at an affordable price and will remain engraved in stone. Call our flooded basement Portland team today because the last thing you want is something dangerous in your home.

How Dangerous is a Flooded Basement?

Take it from our flooded basement Portland company, there are many dangerous aspects to a flooded basement. In the event there is water in your basement that has come in contact with sewage, it is critical to avoid all contact. This type of water contains bacteria and other pathogens that are a health and safety concern, and is referred to as black water for its high concentration level of feces. Only trained professionals from 911 Restoration should attempt to fix plumbing or do water removal involving black water. In comparison, gray water is water that has been contaminated with elements such as detergent or natural debris. Though not immediately hazardous, water mitigation, including a thorough disinfecting and drying of all surfaces, needs to occur promptly to avoid the growth of bacteria and reclassification of gray water to black water. We have over 35 years of experience in water mitigation and restoration services for all types of flooded basement situations. We are the best at what we do, so find out more about 911 Restoration Portland and call today for a fresh start to your home!


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