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Flooded Basement Sunnyside, OR

Flooded basement scenarios must be dealt with immediately and this is why 911 Restoration Portland and our flooded basement Sunnyside company is available 24/7 ready to offer expedited water damage restoration services before standing water can cause the need for costly repairs. When your concrete, wood, tiles, and drywall are exposed to water, absorption can play a role and your home’s materials can expand and create stress fractures. Our flooded basement Sunnyside technicians want to make sure our community members stay safe after we have performed our restoration services, so before we leave we sit down with homeowners and teach them how to prevent water damage from striking the basement again. Some of these tactics our flooded basement Sunnyside experts reccommend include:

  • Examine your pipes for cracks and leaks
  • Investigate appliance hoses
  • Missing or broken roof tiles must be replaced
  • Clear out debris from downspouts and gutters
  • Invest in sump pumps for the basement
  • Sandbag your property when storms are predicted
  • Keep trees 10 feet from water line
  • Insulate your plumbing in cold weather

Our flooded basement Sunnyside experts have over 35 years of experience in the restoration industry, and when homeowners pay attention to these points they can reduce the risk of a flooded basement by more than 80 percent. Don’t let standing water in your basement threaten life as you know it! Call our flooded basement Sunnyside specialists and we will even file your insurance claim for you!

Is a Flooded Basement Covered by Homeowner’s Insurance?

Based on the research compiled by our flooded basement Sunnyside technicians from the Insurance Information Institute, your insurance will likely cover a flooded basement so long as it wasn’t caused by bad weather. Is water from a rain storm enters the basement you would need a supplemental policy from a private insurer to cover the damage. However if your fire sprinklers go off or a pipe burst floods your basement then your homeowner’s insurance will likely cover things. Regardless, you need the best flooded basement company in Sunnyside that will give you an affordable price, so call us now let our flooded basement Sunnyside professionals make a big difference!

What is the Best Flooded Basement Company in Sunnyside?

The best flooded basement Sunnyside company is 911 Restoration because we love our community and will stop at nothing to keep all homes safe. 911 Restoration Portland loves all the census-designated places in Clackamas County including Sunnyside, and our restoration pros feel honored to keep all local basements water-free. With the beautiful Mount Scott in the background and the local woodlands, Sunnyside is a gorgeous place to call home. As such our flooded basement Sunnyside experts strive to use the best restoration techniques and the latest drying technology so that the quality of our water cleanup jobs reflect positively on the stunning area. Call 911 Restoration now because we value professionalism and we will restore yur basement to something you can be proud of!

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