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Pipe Burst Beaverton

Pipe burst issues are a regular occurrence no matter what climate you live in and are commonly caused by wear and tear or harsh use. When a pipe bursts water damage can ensue quickly which is why 911 Restoration Portland is standing by 24/7 taking on the semblance of the vanguard against structural damage. It doesn’t matter if you experience a full blown pipe burst in your place of business or a pipe leak within your home’s drywall; you will need instant water damage restoration services  from 911 Restoration before the structural integrity of your property suffers extensive damage. Remember, when you have a pipe burst various areas of the home can suffer, so when there is a pipe burst in Beaverton you need a company that can do it all. Our pipe burst Beaverton crew members can perform water extractions and make repairs when you are dealing with:

  • Fire sprinkler catastrophes.
  • Damage to the foundation
  • Water damage in the attic.
  • Black water cleanup from a sewer pipe burst
  • Pipe bursts that flood the bathroom

Our pipe burst Beaverton gurus know that the city is named after the voluminous quantity of beavers that once overwhelmed the region with their dams and precious, furry little faces. Beavers are great and are experts at keeping water to a minimum in their own domains by damming their area. When you have water damage you may feel like damning your pipes, but rather than swear simply call 911 Restoration and let our comprehensive and carring technicians be your eager beavers in restoring your property from any destruction sustained. 911 Restoration can repair old turn of the century cast iron and clay pipes, and even replace them with plastic modern fixtures, so phone us before mold grows in your home!

Can a Pipe Burst Cause Mold?

Our pipe burst Beaverton specialists know from decades of experience that various levels  of water allowed to stagnate in your home from a pipe burst or any other means is extremely likely to cause mold growth if left untreated. This is why you need to contact our pipe burst Beaverton experts at 911 Restoration Portland immediately if you detect or suspect any mold in your home, or if you have water damage at all as this needs to be taken care of by certified professionals like ours at 911 Restoration Portland. Not only can our pipe burst Beaverton specialists destroy any mold you may have growing, but our techs will also dive into any other restoration project that you may have in your home or business, such as:

  • Washer burst replacement.
  • Pipe burst repair.
  • Mold decontamination.
  • We employ the newest drying technology.
  • Cutting-edge mold remediation techniques.

Our pipe burst Beaverton specialists know that mold actually presents a significant health risk for you and your family. If inhaled mold has the capacity to cause congestion and even lung disease in those with weaker and damaged immune system responses as well as the young and elderly alike. Our pipe burst Beaverton pros have looked through the data compiled by the Insurance Information Institute and report that  water damage from plumbing disasters like pipe bursts are second when it comes to the most common forms of loss claimed on insurance policies. In any case our pipe burst Beaverton experts work closely with every single insurance company to offer you the most affordable price possible within the industry. So if you have water damage from a pipe burst or any other means and you want to know what the best restoration company in Beaverton is to take care of it all for you, then give our pipe burst Beaverton pros a call today at 911 Restoration Portland and we can get started in 45 minutes!

What Is The Best Pipe Burst Company In Beaverton?

Our pipe burst specialists make 911 Restoration the best pipe burst company in Beaverton because we get the best customer reviews and are known throughout the greater Portland region for og=ffering the best pricing. We treat every customer like family. So when you call our pipe burst Beaverton guys we will treat you as if we were working tirelessly in our own mother’s home. Furthermore, we really take the time to be there for our customers and we know that water damage from a pipe burst is a scary thing to experience. We will be there for you in your time of stress ready to be the best support while our techs restore and repair your home. Call us for a fresh start and let our water damage experts take on the challenge!


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Our experience with 911 Restoration was outstanding!! They were professional and highly skilled. They were experienced and knowledgeable! They didn't give up on our problem and found the underlying cause to everything. They were very good to work with!! We can't recommend them enough to any one who needs their expertise! We honestly don't think we could have gotten better service from anyone else, since we did get bids from other companies. The bid was important to us of course, but when you need help you need even more and this company and their crew gives the support and great service you'll need!

Debbie Christianson    November 17, 2014   Portland   

Your crew has been exemplar, helping me remediate a disastrous event at my office.
Once again top notch service and spot on caring.

Janie    October 26, 2014   Portland, OR 97202   

The work was great. It was done in half the time it was predicted. The crew was a group of very nice guys, and we got along real well. It was a good experience, and I will be recomending 911 Restoration to others.

Paul R.    October 16, 2014   Portland   

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