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Pipe Burst Vancouver, WA

A Pipe burst can happen very suddenly, especially here in Vancouver where the temperature frequently dips below freezing. 911 Restoration Portland is proud to serve the community performing water extractions and repairing plumbing and any subsequent water damage. The beautiful homes of Vancouver are just one of many things that make this city such an amazing place to live. Our pipe burst Vancouver crew work to ensure that our valued community member’s homes are well protected from the damaging forces of pipe bursts. A pipe burst can leave your home or commercial building flooded with water, but our expert cleanup and water damage restoration services are offered by technicians who are available 24/7 with the tools required to ensure that your home is returned to its proper condition. Call 911 Restoration if you if you have plumbing problems and call our customer service team so we can tell you what do when you have a pipe burst.

What Should I do When I have a Pipe Burst?

When you have a pipe burst the first thing to do is shut off the main water line to prevent additional water from flooding into the home; then phone our pipe burst Vancouver team because we are licensed, insured and bonded to complete any major plumbing repairs. We respond within 45 minutes of all calls so when our pipe burst Vancouver pros are on the way you can begin moving your furniture to dry areas to prevent further damage. If it is safe, unplug your devices. Whether you are experiencing a toilet overflow, ruptured hoses, or even a washer burst, we have the tools to cleanup any mess. Our water extractions team uses the latest drying technology to guarantee a fast and thorough drying process. We always put the customer first and when you learn more about 911 Restoration Portland and discover what we can do to restore your home, you will have total confidence in our water removal team. Don’t try to fix a pipe burst yourself; call 911 Restoration Portland for a free inspection and see why we have been the most trusted name in Vancouver!

How can I Fix a Pipe Burst?

At first it may seem tempting to fix the pipe burst on your own without professional assistance, but our pipe burst Vancouver experts warn that homeowners often cause additional damage and so you should never try to fix a pipe burst yourself. A pipe burst is a serious threat to the structural integrity of your home and can even become a health hazard. Even if you have a sewage back flow valve in place, the valve can fail leaving your home filled with dangerous black water. Our highly trained water removal teams are equipped with specialized tools that allow them to locate damage that may go unseen to the untrained eye. Furthermore, we can start pumping water out contaminated with feces in a safe manner because we are properly trained to deal with black water and mold. If water damage is not dealt with by a professional it can end up costing you thousands upon thousands of dollars in repairs in the future and may even leave your home uninhabitable.

We realize that our customers already have enough to worry about without concerning themselves over a huge repair bill, which is why we offer an affordable price. Our pipe burst Vancouver specialists are working with all insurance companies to get your home the professional service it deserves with every dollar being covered. Don’t risk the integrity of your home, call our pipe burst Vancouver team and let us do it right the first time!

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