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Water Damage Lake Oswego


911 Restoration Portland can help with any flood damage. Most people think water damage occurs due to heavy rainfall, snow storms, or other natural disasters that may cause flooding or leaking roofs, but the truth is that it can happen at any time and for many different reasons.

Frozen pipes can lead to floods, since this usually causes them to burst. Once the pipes thaw and the water starts moving through the plumbing system again, then a flood can take place.

Water Damage Restoration Technician Using Air Mover Near Vapor BarrierWith over 35 years of experience supporting them, the water extraction Lake Oswego pros are licensed, bonded and insured in order to protect the homeowners soliciting our services. We always want to ensure that our customers are getting the superlative service.

We offer services in:

  • Burst pipes
  • Flooding
  • Leaking home appliances
  • Mold infestation
  • Toilet overflow
  • Odor Removal

We are proud to be able to give everyone free water damage estimates. We hope that this causes the homeowner to give our Lake Oswego water damage agents the moment they experience a flood.

Limit Pipe Bursts During Cold Weather

The Lake Oswego water removal experts understand the need for quick flood cleanup. This is why the 911 Restoration Portland office is available 24/7/365. We have service agents ready to send their Lake Oswego flood removal crew to your property within 45 minutes of your emergency call.

Water Damage Restoation of Furnace Room The flood remediation Lake Oswego technicians have some tips for homeowners that will help them to keep their pipes from freezing during the cold months.

  • Insulate all your hot and cold water pipes with snap on foam insulation. Reinforce with duct tape and miter foam in order to cover all gaps.
  • Wrap pipes in UL approved heat tape. The tape should have a built-in thermostat that prevents overheating.
  • Turn off your sprinkler system and blow compressed air through the irrigation lines to remove all water from the system.
  • Keep a constant circulation of water flowing through all pipes in order to relieve pressure and reduce the chances of bursting.
  • Running you washing machine‚Äôs fill cycle periodically throughout the day for a few minutes will allow warm water to run through the pipes and prevent freezing.

To prevent flooding, the water damage Lake Oswego team at 911 Restoration Portland is armed with the most progressive water removal equipment. Their IICRC certification makes them extremely competent to clear your home of all moisture.

We Will Help You Get Past Water Damage

911 Restoration Portland owner Yoav wants customers to know that the Lake Oswego experts always make the customer the number one priority.

Water Damage Restoration At Residential Job SiteWe show this by taking care of all the loose ends, which includes finances and insurance.

We always offer competitive prices and will communicate with your insurance company for you.

The Lake Oswego staff will do all they can to keep your cost as low as possible. Yoav wants nothing more but to give customers the very best care.

If you live in Lake Oswego then then you have to deal with cold, wet winters. This can cause issues for homeowners who have not taken to proper measures to protect their pipes.

If you find yourself dealing with standing water, call our water damage Lake Oswego team with 911 Restoration Portland for all the best in services that the industry has to offer today!

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Our experience with 911 Restoration was outstanding!! They were professional and highly skilled. They were experienced and knowledgeable! They didn't give up on our problem and found the underlying cause to everything. They were very good to work with!! We can't recommend them enough to any one who needs their expertise! We honestly don't think we could have gotten better service from anyone else, since we did get bids from other companies. The bid was important to us of course, but when you need help you need even more and this company and their crew gives the support and great service you'll need!

Debbie Christianson    November 17, 2014   Portland   

Your crew has been exemplar, helping me remediate a disastrous event at my office.
Once again top notch service and spot on caring.

Janie    October 26, 2014   Portland, OR 97202   

The work was great. It was done in half the time it was predicted. The crew was a group of very nice guys, and we got along real well. It was a good experience, and I will be recomending 911 Restoration to others.

Paul R.    October 16, 2014   Portland   

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