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Water Damage: How To Prevent

Published by 911 Restoration Portland on August 5, 2013 in category: Water Damage Restoration with tags: ,

water extractionWater is such a necessity of life that one can easily take it for granted. Because water is such a pressing need for humans, a typical building will ensure universal access to it. There is a downside to water access. When a building is designed to allow water to flow through it, water can also escape and cause damage at any point within it. However, there are some tips to avoid suffering water damage.

The most significant way to avoid water damage is to stay alert. Water damage typically begins from a single point. Most often a pipe will suffer a small crack or leak, and a tiny amount of water will begin to drip from it. The water will then proceed to damage the pipe further which will increase the flow and in turn create an exponential growth in the damage around it. This process can be stopped early on by simply noting signs of a leak.

The signs of a leak can be somewhat subtle. Often times one will simply note a few drops of water and assume someone spilled something. Instead of making that assumption and moving on, one should examine neighboring walls and ceilings for sign of damage. Typically a pipe leaking will drip down one of these surfaces and then the result will find it’s way to the floor.

Another telling sign can be humidity. Noticeably higher humidity levels in a single room might well point to a leak adjacent to or within it. While specialized plumbing equipment will be needed to get an exact reading, one can often simply feel when humidity levels have risen within a smaller room or enclosed area.


Unfortunately, one can not always catch a leak before it begins damaging the environment around it. A water restoration service will most likely be able to treat the damage caused by the water. The water restoration will usually involve a process of removing existing water, and treating items it’s damaged such as carpet, furniture, floors and walls.


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