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Feng Shui Secrets for Every Room of your Home

Published by Jennifer on November 16, 2015 in category: 911 Restoration Franchise, Current Event with tags:

After going through a home disaster such as fire or water damage, you’re probably in need of some peace in your life. Once your home has been put back together, there are some ways you can redecorate that will help soothe your mind. Think of this as a clean slate to turn your home into a calm, soothing environment that promotes good energy throughout every room.

One way to attract this type of positivity into your living space is to implement the philosophical practice of Feng Shui. This organizational method is said to bring harmony to your environment based on where you place certain objects in your home.

If you are in need of some home harmonization, 911 Restoration wants to help you implement Feng Shui into your daily life. Below are the best ways to start the process to get your home and your heart on the road to a fresh start.

Use Your Front Door

It’s really easy to just enter and exit your home using the garage door. However, this limits the amount of good energy you let into your home. By using your front door on a regular basis you will let in fortune and opportunities. Try using it at least once a week, but the more the better.


Water Equals Wealth

It may not seem like it at the moment you’re dealing with a basement flood, but water actually represents wealth in Feng Shui. A way to bring water into your home without letting in all the negativity is by installing a fountain in close proximity to your main entrance. It can be either inside or out, just as long as the water is flowing into the home, bringing the wealth towards you, as opposed to away.


Your Bed Is Important

Not only is it the place where you sleep, but it is where you recharge for the following day. The best placement in the room for the bed is in the corner diagonal from the door. This way it is as far away from the entrance as possible, making it harder for your energy to be sucked out. This also allows you to keep a watchful eye on the door, helping create a more relaxed sleep.


No Tech Zone

The bedroom area needs to be kept as a stress-free space. This means no technology, no televisions and no work. It should be where you rest, relax and sleep. If you keep a computer, TV, work stuff and bills in your bedroom, they are going to eat up all the good energy in the space. If you can’t move your office out of the room, then use a partition to separate the different areas. This will keep the positive energy in your sleep vicinity.


Create a Green Home (Literally)

Since plants promote growth, putting plants in your home will help you grow as a person. Put the plants near things that represent exactly what you want to improve in your life. If you are hoping to grow more in your musical abilities, then put a plant in the area where you store your instruments. If you want to get better at your job, then place one on your desk or near your computer. The life of the plant will invigorate the space, which will transfer onto you.

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