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Why Portland Residents Should Check for Household Mold

Published by 911 Restoration Portland on March 3, 2014 in category: Mold Inspection with tags: ,

Homeowners have that “to do” list of home improvement chores that often include putting in new hardwood or investing in some needed landscaping, but before one beautifies their home shouldn’t they make sure it is a safe environment for the family? Every year thousands of people fall ill to undetected household mold. At first mold is invisible to the naked eye, but as it begins to breed and expand it takes on the appearance of black spots. Mold can grow in any room but these black spots are most commonly found in areas where there is more moisture like the bathroom or kitchen. That being said, mold thrives in areas that are moist, warm and that get little sunlight. But if there is a slow pipe leak within your walls, mold can be growing there and cause illness, and in some cases even death. In fact ‘Clueless’ actress Brittany Murphy and her husband met their end from what Murphy’s publicist said was death due to mold exposure in the couple’s bedroom. Mold is nothing to take lightly. By following some simple steps Portland homeowners can help to keep mold out of their homes while ensuring their family stays in the best health possible.


What Causes Household Mold?

One of the number one culprits of household mold is water damage, and water damage can occur due to flooding caused by bad weather or a plumbing and appliance malfunction in the home. In many cases a pipe burst or pipe leak can set the stage for a mold spore population, and in other cases a leaking roof will allow water to enter through gaps under roof shingles where wood becomes soaked and mold breeds like bunny rabbits on a Saturday night. If you detect a musty odor in the home and one room or area of the house feels damp, call a mold inspection company immediately. Most reputable companies offer a free inspection and estimate, and respond very quickly.


How Can I Prevent Mold from Growing?

Ensuring your home is dry, well ventilated and that your plumbing is up to code will help keep mold at bay. Start by having an inspector come to your home and check your pipes. In many cases rust buildup or mineral buildup from hard water can cause blockage that leads to pipes cracking and leaking within your drywall, under floors or in your crawlspace. If there are signs indicating that you are at risk for a pipe burst, you can have the plumbing repaired or replaced. This may seem like a scary expense, but it is something you will gladly pay for if it means avoiding a potential home flooding.

If your home is old and the moisture levels are on the high side, investing in a dehumidifier for each room will help keep the environment dry thus warding off any mold spores that may be looking for a habitat to thrive in.

You should also have your roof inspected for any imperfections that could cause leaking, and be sure to check that your home is insulated properly.

Finally, if you discover black spots in between your bathroom tiles, be sure to have your home inspected by a mold remediation company that also specializes in water damage restoration. If you see mold in your home there is a good chance there may be some flooding taking place within your walls and you can kill one bird with two stones by having the right professional inspect your rooms who is trained to remediate all emergency situations.


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