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Water Damage Portland: A Tale of Theft, Bikes and Broken Water Lines

Published by 911 Restoration Portland on July 23, 2014 in category: Current Event, Water Damage Restoration with tags: ,

A few weeks ago here in Portland the owners of a well-known bike shop in the city’s Southeast neighborhood opened their doors in the morning to see the entire floor covered in water. To make matters even worse, this was no innocent accident. It seems that a thief broke the water line when breaking in through the back door of the business. However, nothing from the store appeared to be missing. Let’s put on our Sherlock Holmes cap and grab our pipes to mull this one over for a minute. Broken water line…nothing missing…think, think. Aha! That means that the water damage the thief inadvertently caused was so frightening to even this poor deplorable soul that he or she left without the loot! Even a hardened criminal can’t stand the sight of water flooding a pristine business. Only a water damage professional has the guts to face this dilemma head on and stare water damage right in the eye.


Save the Bicycles!

Bicycles are one of Portland’s favorite things. Well, right after handlebar mustaches, jaunty caps and fancy beer. Number four with a bullet? The bicycle! And when it comes to saving both bikes and the beautiful building that houses them from a flood it’s necessary to get a great water damage restoration team on the scene as quickly as possible. Professionals can move bicycles out of harm’s way to safer ground in order to begin the water extraction process. It’s very important to get every last drop of moisture removed from the premises. Water left behind, especially here in Oregon, will lead to the growth of dangerous mold. After water removal it will be time for repairs. Every surface that has been damaged will be completely restored to its former glory. The Portland bicycle crowd is a discerning bunch, so it’s important to make sure that your commercial space is in tip top shape for your classy clientele.


Prevention is Better than Cure

We’ve all heard this expression before, but never has it been truer than when it comes to water damage. There’s certainly a lot that you can to prevent a flood, but perhaps not in this specific case when a thief seeks entry by any means. Generally, however, you should be sure to inspect your plumbing and water pipes. They don’t need to be ready to withstand a death blow from a robber but they should be in generally good shape. Replacing worn and outdated materials preemptively is a very smart thing to do, and who doesn’t like being smart? I sure do. Next on your list is the mighty sump pump. These nifty devices will spring into action and do their darndest to keep your property dry as a bone. Do what you can, but when push comes to shove and your bicycles are underwater it’s time for some professional help. So check that tire pressure, test those brakes and steer clear of those pesky puddles.

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